Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tackling the elephant in the room

five days five ways </P>
<P>project elephant

So, Abbie over at Five days…5 ways, has an awesome new challenge for us. It’s called ‘Project Elephant’, and it’s all about eating the elephant of To-Do lists we all have. One. Bite. At. A. Time.

I’m totally joining in. I need this! I’ve got so many things lying around half finished, or just percolating in my brain because I’m so overwhelmed by it all that I can’t bear to take care of any of it! It’s time to take control of the list, and CHOMP.

Check out Abbie’s blog, and decide if Move-It-Monday Project Elephant is for you. Or just hang around and encourage us…because I can tell you, I’ll need every bit I can get!

UPDATE: Here is my list of projects for Project Elephant, and my progress thus far:

1. Rescue cute pewter tray from workbench & make pretty in my master bath
2. Tackle the HUGE (we're talking 6'x20') statement wall in the great room (I'll be happy if I just START this project!) this includes a mini-list: a)take everything off the wall & clean it, b) attack old & new shelves with GLOSS Navy Blue spraypaint, c) argue with The Man over placement d)do it my way when he's out of town, e)bask in the glory of a finished wall that only took a year to do) THIS WILL NOT ALL GET DONE I PROMISE YOU! LOL
3. Frame & hang adorable inspirational art I've had in a folder for too long
4. Rescue little brass pot from garage workbench
5. Finish my rescued tray (another coat of paint, maybe a stencil?)
6. Sand & stain the backboard for the boys' bathroom towel bar.  It's totally finished, and hung!
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