The Painter

Paint, Primer, Sandpaper, Tape, Citri-Strip, Fleamarkets & Craigslist all get me going. My husband shakes his head, but my boys are right there with me - anybody need help with distressing?!

I got started last year when I bought a $5 wreck of a desk for my oldest son.  We spent the summer sanding, scraping, putty-ing, hammering, complaining, taping, painting and whining, but we got it done as he had requested.  He now has a cool black & red desk that went from junk to jammin', and is the first thing he shows off to his visitors. 

I've discovered that I love realizing the potential of an otherwise ugly ducking.  A new outfit and fresh makeup do wonders for both women and furniture. 

I am occasionally pushed off a "job" by my husband, aka Grumpasaur.  I've been told countless times that my paint jobs suck, to have him render a satin or eggshell finish paint GLOSSY by virtue of eleventy-thousand coats.  Ach, more sanding. 

I must confess to violating child labor laws.  My 3 boys love jumping in and helping me distress a piece, and I occasionally let them paint as well.  And all for popsicles and donuts. 
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