Saturday, September 21, 2013

Project Elephant, Part 1

I actually finished this mini-project up last week.  For my first bite, I figured I'd better start small!

This is where my cute little yard-sale pewter tray ended up:

Can you see it?  Right, THERE.  Filled with chamois, staples and partially hidden by rags.  Yeah, I'm all over that.

A quick clean, and a shot of slate blue spray paint later, and here is where she's at:
Look at that paint line!  Love me some FrogTape!

Guess I got excited and bobbled the camera...

So, that's my first teensy bite of Project Elephant.  Not bad 'eh?  I think she's cute, and she's helping me corral all of my little sparklies, instead of them being strewn all across the vanity.

Here's a sneak peek at the next project on the list:

   What projects are you tackling this weekend?
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