Monday, September 23, 2013

Project Elephant, Part 2

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I'm making progress!  Maybe what I needed was some long-distance internet encouragement?  No matter.  I'm making progress, and that's what counts.

The other day I showed you some teasers for this next project.  Well, here it is in all it's glory...

Yes my friends, that is a 6-foot long towel bar!  There are 6 hooks, which makes my fondest wish that each of the boys will HANG their towel and their robe up.  I know I know!  It's a total long-shot.  BUT, they are invested in this project as well, so I'm hoping the ownership factor will help.

I had them distress the back, which ended up splitting the 2x6 down the length.  I went with it, and crafted a faux-live-edge (top).  I also let them each choose a color for the end of the pegs.  Aidan has red, Logan orange and Gavin is blue.  I happened to have some sample pots lying around from yet another project that went belly-up before I really got started.  

I spent less than $20 on this.  We had the back piece, which was only a couple of bucks anyway.  I paid about $2 for the 1x1 I used for the pegs (and I only used half).  The cleat was the big ticket, coming in at around $13.  And I really don't even like the way it's hanging, so I may convert to a series of D-rings across the back.  The cleat just seems to pop it out from the wall too far.  I'm not sold, but I'm not revising yet either.

Here are few more (bad) photos for your viewing pleasure.
All stained up & ready for paint!

How do ya like that edge?

Blue & orange

Why yes, I did stand in the shower for this! (please ignore the crud on the floor, behind the door, it's there no more!)

Gavin was "helping" by "washing" the mirror, and keeping track of my tools.  Just keeping things real people!

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