Saturday, August 3, 2013

A quick makeover with BIG impact

I've had these two pillar candle holders kicking around for years and years.  They've moved several times, and have just gotten kind of beat up in the process.

They were ok as they were, but, since I'm so surrounded by brown all the time, I thought I could brighten them up a bit.  Here is where we started, brown and goldy-bronzey:

Ignore the hot mess of my kitchen in the background.  And Stanky's breakfast...I felt crafting was a better use of my time today!
And here is where we ended up...even my guys like them!  
Obviously, we haven't painted the hallway yet.  BROWN.

Crisp paint lines, thanks FrogTape!

I used my trust FrogTape(TM) to cover all of the goldy-bronze bits.  It took some doing, as my tape was too wide, but I'm a use-what-you've-got kinda girl!  

Once it was all taped off, I could really get in those tight joints with my detail brush.  Otherwise I just used a cheap foam brush and white acrylic craft paint.  Because they were so dark, and I skipped primer, it took about 6 thin coats of the acrylic.  BUT, that allowed the grain of the faux leather to really pop, and I like the texture the foam brush left behind.

I was tempted to call it good once the white dried, but, I had two bottles of silver craft paint calling me.  I just mixed Pure Silver (a little darker & more aged) and Silver Anniversary (very metallic/high sheen) 50/50, then pounced it over the raised details with my detail brush.  For the smooth sections, I just dry-brushed some of the silver paint over the bronze to get a really cool mixed metal effect.

For ZERO dollars, I've got two brand spankin new pillar holders.  Which means I've got to find a better place for them than the bottom of the pantry...

Look at those crisp paint lines!  Thanks FrogTape!

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