Monday, August 5, 2013

Big Plans, Teeny Budget

I can't believe I'm about to do what I'm about to do. Seriously. Our master bedroom is SO not fit for public viewing it's not even remotely funny. BUT, I'm hoping that the public humiliation will end this cycle of procrastination and get my butt in gear!

Without further adieu, the (shamefully un-decorated) Master Bedroom.

Yes, I am only showing you a teensy part.  I know. It looks like a college bedroom.  It's sludge brown and melted milkshake brown.  With two silly little eyeball windows on the main wall, and one big one to the left in the photo.

I know I mentioned that we moved into this house almost a year ago (has it been a year already?!) At the time, I had big plans for just about every room in this house. Alas, time and money got away from me, and some, ahem, design disagreements, between The Man and I.

A couple of weeks ago, we both pitched in and got things straightened up and (mostly) put away. I took apart the computer and re-wired everything to mostly hide the ugly cords and clear off the top of my vanity. I swear that someday I will use it for it's intended purpose!

Aaand now that I've bored you to tears. Here's where I'm going with this room.
  1. The "focal' wall with those two teensy eyeball windows (what the heck am I supposed to do with those anyway?) will become a gorgeous deep blue. Specifically, Medieval Blue by Pantone. I won the paint last year in a blog contest, and have yet to use that particular color. I've got almost two quarts, so I'm pretty confident I'll get it done with what I've got. The Pantone paints have given really great coverage on all of my other projects, so, I'm just going to go for it.
  2. The current headboard will have the legs cut off and then will be mounted to the wall with a french cleat, slightly higher than where it sits now.
  3. Nightstands will get a fresh coat of creamy white paint. this is going to KILL The Man.
  4. Replace the plastic blinds with bamboo shades. Yet another thing The Man is not quite on board with. I think he still sees those horrid bamboo shades from the 70's with the avocado green yarn and brown fabric ties!
  5. Replace the current curtains (which go with the bedding from 2 sets ago) with something else. Yes, they will be hung high and wide.
  6. Remove the mirror from the dresser, and relocate it to the wall below the big window.
  7. Re-do or replace the current lamps with something. Hanging lamps? Chandeliers? More lamps? Wall sconces? Who knows?
  8. Replace the ceiling fan. The light kit hasn't worked since we moved in, and it kinda sucks to not have an overhead light in this room.
  9. Purchase a wireless router for the computer (the only internet connection is in this room) and relocate the computer elsewhere in the house. Or just to the other interior wall in the room.
  10. Paint the other 3 walls in the room a creamy white.
  11. Paint the doors & trim. None of the doors or trim in the house have been painted since the house was built in 2003. With dirty boys, dogs, and being, oh, the fifth family to occupy the house, they are pretty beat up, dirty & dingy!
  12. Create a small sitting area across from the bed. There's just enough room for this if I keep the scale down. I've always wanted a nice little spot to sit in my bedroom. Ideally, I'd be able to move my bookcases up here (repainted & beautified of course!) and make a little library seating area. Not sure how The Man is going to feel about that though. He's not sold on the seating area yet as it is!
Here is my inspiration board for this gargantuan, most likely year-long, project.

Master Bedroom

How cool is that brass lamp?  Now, I'm not normally a fan of brass, but this lamp happens to look like ammo, and if there's one thing The Man loves, it's guns & ammo.  I've discovered that you can buy a kit for ceiling fans to make them accept pretty chandeliers.  Imma hafta get me one!  The slipper chair is from World Market, and is a smaller scale to work with the dimensions of the room.  My vanity and our bedroom furniture will be going white, with dark stained tops on the dresser and vanity.  Oh!  And here is part of the art, already done and waiting for me to paint...

One baby step at a time.  Now that I've put all of this out there, maybe I'll have more motivation to actually DO something about it!  Accountability people.  Help a girl out.
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