Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No fun stuff, but the To-Do list is coming along

I don't even have a photo for you today.  Just a story about a guy afraid of electricity, who got all Rambo-ballsy and changed out light switches and fixtures without flipping breakers.  Yeah.  That really happened!

Now that we've mostly caught up on our sleep after the 2 weeks of VBS craziness, we are getting a few more things done around the house.  Last week, one of the boys noticed that the light switch in the downstairs powder room was sticking.  Then, the light fixture in the pantry died.  What's a girl to do?

Go shopping in Papa's Garage, that's what!  I was all set to schlep my guys over to the awesomeness of the ReStore.  Then I took the boys swimming at Nana & Papa's house.

You know those times when you mention a project (or three) and the person you are talking to says they 'might have something that will work for that'?  Totally happened.  My parents have been doing tons of work on their house over the last year, and have kept absolutely everything.  My dad even tries to play like he has some sort of elaborate stocking system for all the junk.

So, we headed over to section E (for electricity, duh!), drawer 1, row 3, slot 7.  I'm serious, we did!  And there laid two shiny new paddle switches.  Bright white, just like I wanted.  Score #1!  Unfortunately, there were no cover plates, but hey, who doesn't love a quick run to Lowes?

After some rummaging around, Dad also came up with the light fixture that formerly crowned the soffit above the kitchen sink.  It's nothing fancy, just a brass plate & ring, white glass shade, but, it was FREE, and it WORKS.  And it's way brighter than the old flourescent circle crap light that was in there before!  Score #2!

I also got to check out the new cabinets in the garage.  One of which is full of extra paint, stain, poly & laquer.  And I've got a free ticket to swipe!  Potential Score #3 + infinity!  (Because paint is my friend, and my kryptonite).

So, The Man switched out the switches (he wasn't sold on the paddle style when he installed them, but now he wants to change out the whole house!) in the bathroom, so no more sticky switchy.  Cost us a whole $2 for the new plate.  Maybe  even less.

Then he installed the light in the pantry.  And guess what?  This guy, this guy who hates when I paint things, he said (gasp & sigh) HE SAID, "well hon, it looks ok, it's brighter and nice, but maybe we can paint it later.  I don't like the brass."  SQUEEEEEAAAALLL!  I get to paint it, I get to paint it (insert booty-shake dance here). 

Oh, we did one other thing.  I had the boys start distressing their soon-to-be towel rack.  Stanky got a bit over zealous and cracked the thing right down the center length.  But it's ok!  I'll work with it, and call it a faux live-edge.  Just needs a little sanding, then I'm off to pillage the stain cabinet!
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