Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Project In Progress - Boys' Bathroom

Ahh, the boys' bathroom.  Sometimes, it's less like a bath than it is a cesspool, but whatevs.  My guys have been living with this particular nekkid room for almost a year now...

Yes, those are underwear hanging from the shower door.  Keeping things real.

Who hangs a towel ring that high?  And what do you think of that cute little German clock?  Tres Manly, no?

Yes, that is a sparkly, fishy shower curtain, with fish hooks.  Yes, there is underwear hanging on the shower door.  Towels do not usually get hung up in here, because the cheap-o towel bar on the wall falls apart when you look at it.  Much better suited to impromptu semi-naked sword fighting.

In short, a room in desperate need of a little something.  White walls, ivory tile, and chrome.  Blah, blah, blech.

A while back, I may have mentioned that I won some AWESOME RoomMates Decor wall decals from Kim at Reposhture.  Or maybe not.  It happened in May, and I let them sit around for quite a while! 

The lovely people from RoomMates allowed me to have two sets of the decals I chose.  Since I knew I wanted these for the boys' bathroom update, I chose the Extreme Sports themed wall decals, because, well, it's one thing all 3 boys agree on! 

Here are a few shots of the application process, which was extremely simple, just peel carefully, and STICK!
My little helper.  He insisted that an entire sheet of decals be pasted right there. 
And was not happy to have his picture taken!

Another helper. 

Is it just me, or is it very obvious which decals were placed by the boys?

I really need to move that towel ring!

This bathroom feels cavernous, what with the stark white walls and 10-foot ceilings.  But, with the strategic application of some color, it feels less like a big white hole in the hallway, and more like a place to get things done.  You know, like, washing, brushing & flushing.

We have a looong way to go in here, but things are moving along.  Stil on our To Do List:
1.  Replace the teensy cheap towel bar with something big & manly. 
2.  Frame the mirror (I'd love to pretty much cut it in half, but the landlord isn't so keen on that idea!)
3.  ORB the shower door frame & sink fixtures - this is a BOY bathroom - all that chrome is always dirty!
4.  New rugs - I already scored some dark red towels for in here. 
5.  Figure out a solution for hanging art over the toilet.  It will be hung on the mirror...I'm stumped!

I can tell you that quite of few of these (thankfully!) repositionable decals will be moving around when we install our DIY Towel Rack.  This is a project the whole family is getting in on, and I'm hoping it turns out half as well as it looks in my mind!  Here are a couple of inspiration shots from my Pinterest Boards:


Happy Creating!
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