Monday, May 20, 2013

Yard sale me this

Saturday, I went yard saling for the first time in a very, VERY long time.  It was glorious! 

I did some homework and mapped out a route of sales I'd hoped to visit.  First off was just down the street, in a gated community.  Scored a few things there...

Stopped by a church rummage sale I noticed on the way.  Scored 1 thing, but hey, it goes to their Jr. High camp fund, so it was worth the stop.

Headed out to my second destination, but got detoured by a lovely sign proclaiming an ESTATE SALE in an upscale neighborhood.  Even though I was almost an hour late to the party, there was some lovely stuff there!  I scored a vintage pyrex, some vintage teacher's shears, a wicker magazine basket, and a GORGEOUS vintage gallery frame, that was already naturally chippy and worn-in.  Yes, the man in my life rolled his eyes when he saw it.  To him, it's just broken.  To me, it's just waiting for me to love it.

Getting out of that neighborhood was tricky, and I was seduced into several drive-bys and a couple more stops.  Once I finally got out of that maze, I found myself two blocks from my second listed stop anyway.  Found a cute little brass pot there. 

It was just hitting 8 am, and I knew there was one more stop I wanted to make Fo Sho, at a sale that started at 8.  I'm so glad I went!  I'd been searching high and low, near and far, for an old Coca-Cola bottle crate that would not dent my wallet.  And I totally found it!  It's going to have a new life in one of the boys' rooms.  I also found an incredible little mirror...they were still clearing the garage when the sale started, but, I had limited myself to $20 and an hour.  I didn't hit my dollar limit, but I did hit my time limit.

All of those photo frames are 10x12, and solid wood, some with brass.  They have all been given some new life with a coat of white craft paint.  Of course, I realized they were'nt 8x10 a little late in the game, but I've come up with an easy, no-cost fix for that so I can use them as I intended, for my 8x10 art!  Stay tuned.
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