Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meet Rowena...the story of a neglected shield-back chair

This, if you remember, is Rowena.

Now, Ro and I have been struggling for a couple of weeks - she has very definite ideas with regards to wardrobe and makeup.  I tried talking her out of it, offering new padding and a fresh color palette, but she wasn't having any of it.

Spray paint FAIL

I tried a nice, neutral ivory spray paint, but this old gal was THIRSTY for some color!  The spray paint would cover evenly, then seemed to gravitate to certain spots and completely disappear!  The photo doesn't show it, but the inside of the back and the arms had the barest smudge of paint left on them.  I knew I had to put my foot down, or Ro would just walk all over me.

So I experimented with some DIY chalk paint.  Ro wanted fresh, but not shocking, so we finally agreed on a nice neutral beige-y ivory oops paint, and it was love at first brush.  Every flaw she wanted covered, was covered.  Every detail she wanted me to highlight, well, it was easy.  Armed with my trusty 6-in-1 scraper and some sandpaper, I worked on those curves like a plastic surgeon on boobs.  Ro decided she wanted that oops spraypaint to show on her arms and rear, along with her wood, so I scraped and sanded, scraped and sanded, until she was satisfied.  This gal wanted to show off her age, not hide it!  She's got it, so I helped her flaunt it.

Ro was thrilled.  Let me tell you though, we almost came to blows over her back.  That intricate cut-work almost did me in!  Thankfully, a nice sharp mini-flathead screwdriver fixed up those drips and drabs, distressed to perfection, and cleaned up like a pro.  I had my oldest take a seat and kick his feet around, then distressed the shoe-marks out to simulate years of people wrapping their legs around hers, hooking their feet over her spreader bar, and rubbing their hands over her elbows.  She was adamant about not needing glaze or dark wax or anything of that sort.  She demanded a nice coat of polycrylic, since she figures on working hard the rest of her days.

Wardrobe was another sore spot.  Ro wanted classic yet bold, I wanted fresh, funky and fun.  As you can see, Ro won out.  I scored this remnant for 2 bucks at Hancock's a few weeks ago, with no idea how I'd use the crazy shape.  It centered up perfectly, and was just exactly the right size front to back.  Guess that's what happens when you buy fabric before you find the chair to measure!

Suffice it to say, Ro and I are both quite pleased with her resurrection.  We've not yet decided if she is to retire in peace in my dining room, or meet her public and take her chances on a new gig...

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