Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Down Home Wine Glasses

A few weeks ago I went on a church retreat to the local mountains.  On the way back, my mom and I and two ladies from church decided to stop and browse an antiques market, where mi madre spied a set of jar wineglasses.  She absolutely HAD to have some, until we noticed that they were $10 each! 

I told her I'd make her some for WAAAAY cheaper.  And lo & behold, I actually did it!  And within a reasonable amount of time!  See, sometimes I can finish a project quickly.

Here is what you need:

I picked up a case of Ball canning jars at OSH during their 'We pay the sales tax' weekend.  I think the whole case cost me 12 bucks.  While I was there, I grabbed a tube of E6000 adhesive.  Then I walked all of 50 yards down the sidewalk to the Dollar Tree where I cleaned them out of glass candlesticks.  So, I'm up to about $23 worth of stuff.  

Truly one of the easiest DIYs to date for me (besides the hokey Valentines door-hangers).  I did wipe the tops of the candlesticks and bottoms of the jars with rubbing alcohol before giving them a quick sandpaper massage to ensure good adhesion. 

Followed the directions on the adhesive, married the two pieces and VOILA!  Redneck/Okie/Down-Home-Country Wine Glasses! 

I did let the adhesive cure overnight with a weight on top as per the instructions.  But I was able to throw them in a basket and give them to mom at church last Sunday - she was so surprised!

This entire project cost me less than $25.  I gifted 6 glasses to my mom, and plan to sell the other set of 6 for $30 to cover costs. And that is still half the asking price of any others I've seen lately ($10 each? Really?  It took me like, a minute to do each glass.)

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