Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gifts for boys - Lego boxes!

Unfortunately, I didn't take any "real" before pics of these little boxes.  They are so cute though!  I picked these up on Thanksgiving afternoon at Michael's for under a dollar apiece!  I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back, and decided to make them for the boys for Christmas this year.  Other than the necessity of doing the painting at night after the boys were in bed, I think this is one of the easiest crafts I've done in a while.  Just required some (ahem), PAINT AND PATIENCE.

They turned out so cute - I used paints I had on hand already, and bought a Lego baseplate at Target for about 7 bucks.  All in all, I think I spent about $3 each on these storage boxes, plus the cost of the Lego vehicle (small kits) that I bought to go inside.  

The baseplate cut easily - I just scored it with a utility knife and bent it to break.  I used hot glue to adhere to the top of the box and VOILA!  instant portable Lego storage!

I really hope the boys enjoy these on Christmas and after!

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