Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And now the REAL fun begins...

It's been a whirlwind of packing peanuts, cardboard boxes & hand trucks lately.  I've never had to downsize during a move, nor have I ever had to move with 3 children.  It ain't easy people! 

On the plus side, the move forced me to finish up Inigo, my rustic 70's spanish-inspired sideboard.  I was able to cuteify some plain bamboo placemats, and I finished my paper cone wreath.  So it wasn't all bad.

I've gotten most of the boxes unpacked (we won't mention the ones in the garage), and left the man with some photos for reference while installing my gallery walls in the living room today.  Normally this is something I would do, but since there appears to be a complete lack of studs in our new walls, the job has fallen to the one with the upper arm strength to install countless drywall anchors.  And with the day off of work.  Just sayin.

I will have lots to start showing you soon.  Here are a few "before" shots of the house - please ignore the boxes & assorted cleaning crap, since I obviously cannot shoot a photo before I get involved in a project...

This is the view into the living room from the entry.  Fireplace is on the right, entertainment center built into the wall to the left against the front wall. Archway leads into the kitchen & dining area.

This is the entry.  Powder room and coat closet to the right in the photo.

View into the dining room/kitchen from the living room.  Like I said, ignore the boxes & crap on the counters - I am physically incapable of taking photos before I start a project of any kind.

View into the living room from the kitchen.  Staircase on the left - all the bedrooms and the laundry room are upstairs - I already adore having upstairs laundry.  No more baskets to haul up and down, no more wondering if you will be pelted by a pair of questionable boy-undies as you start your ascent.  It's magical people!  And, I love the banister.  The old place had a blah boring metal banister painted white.  This is cute, and I've got lots of ideas for dressing it up for the holidays :)

I really only have on piece to show you anytime soon, but I will have lots of after photos of the new house, with tips for staging a bookcase, arranging a gallery wall with more than photos, and more.  See you soon!

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